A little reprieve for Pamela Melissa and Heather

Aug 21, 2015

Summer is coming to an end soon and in lieu of a few people will be taking some time off to take advantage of the summer!

Melissa is on Holidays starting today (August 21st) until September 9th!

When she gets back she will be ready to fit all of her clientele in! 


Pamela will soon be on holidays as well.

Today is her last day in the salon before she take off out east for a couple weeks.

Pamela will be on Holidays from August 23rd - September 8th

She is pretty booked up already when she gets back, so just a heads up! we would suggesting that you call in now to book for mid-later September.


Heather will be taking some time off from September 4-11th,

so you have some time to get in with her before she leaves! 


We wish all the ladies wonderful vacations! 


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