Product Brands Offered



Kevin Murphy: Where Organic meets Resilience

Products are designed to strengthen and liven up your hairs’ performance and resilience from breakage and general frequency of having unhealthy hair. By utilizing recent micro-cultivation, organic growers and implementing recyclable and biodegradable packaging; this product line displays its’ willingness to participate in providing high quality products that are not detrimental to our delicate earth. Rather they enable and employ sustainability practices and contribute to eco-friendly harvesting techniques. 


Dermalogica: Where Skin Therapy

meets Perfection

Redifining skin care therapy has been at the forefront of Dermalogica's mission to provide the best skin care products to the market. Through innovation, professionalism and education, Dermalogica has provided thousands of women and men with the best results for their skin care needs. For 25 years they have been providing guidance to Esthetions through understanding the need of creating proper skin care treatments. By forcing a new age of thinking, Dermalogica's skin care products and trained therapists will redefine the way skin health is viewed. Beauty is defined by confidence in ones' own skin, and Dermalogica is driven by their research and innovation in their products to ensure all persons feel beautiful and confident throughout their lifetime.


Living Proof: Where Science meets Beauty

Teaming up science and beauty, Living Proof increases your hairs’ performance while keeping its promise on solving the beauty crises. Through extensive research and development the chemists and beauticians were able to create molecules that work together to protect each strand of hair, allowing you to put your best strands forward and enabling healthy redevelopment of each strand of hair. 

Unite Hair: Where Professional

Hair Care meets a

Passion for Culture.  

Hair Care is often overlooked and rushed. But through developing relationships and bringing vision to the Salon Industry, Unite Hair has been able to demonstrate a strong brand while creating a dynamic and intricate culture around professional Hair Care. Support and education is provided throughout all points of interaction and hair products are designed to help hair stylists accomplish their clients' visions. 


Use your dollar to vote for sustainable resources and make an impact on your world through your actions.